Why Need to Develop a Health Tracking Mobile Application for Women?

Technology has empowered women in the most humble-possible way. Leveraging technology has paved pathways and equipped women with several developments to make their lives much more manageable.

The healthcare industry just like any other industry has grown tremendously over the period. Regular updating of medicines, nutritional benefits has to reach every corner and requirement of the respective person.

This technology is designed in ways of helping women help them gain more control over their wellness and health issues.

For example: A Clue, a famous period tracking industry implies an extraordinary approach towards bettering the lives of the women. With the evolving structural niches and them growing steadily feminine healthcare applications are into existence. The niche market is expected to grow into a trillion-dollar industry by the year 2025.

These digital platforms can also be accessed by doctors along with users. This technology helps women to connect with the doctors personally and discuss their issues. Before we dive further into female technology, let us find out the types of tracking applications that exist today.

These comprise accuracy in predicting periods, analysis of symptoms, providing educational information in the presence of protection by passwords. We’ll talk about different tracking applications to understand the features and develop effective, positive and safe women’s health tracking apps.

Look Around the Existing Competitions in Mobile Apps

Fertility and menstrual tracking mobile applicationsprovide authentic and reliable information on menstruation and fertility to women. It also manages the time-cycle of menstruation for women. Companies in the market today: Clue, Flo, Kindara, Eve etc…

Pregnancy tracker apps are of great help to moms-to-be. Even though actual medical care cannot be critically substituted, this tracker app can be of great help at such a critical time. Times like these require constant reminders of taking pre-birth vitamins, suggestions of different medications as your body changes. The tracking application for pregnancy monitors baby growth in women and helps to access all the required tabs on your fingertips.

Mobile Apps Come Up with Functioning in an Effective Way

Predicting and informing are two main things for the development of a practical tracking application. Accessible communications, with strategized functionality, can help them deliver positive outcomes. Women should get to know the idea of your tracking application sooner and gain positive experiences from it. This can be done with the help of

1. Onboarding

Intricate framework for functionality might turn tables on your application. To build an understandable interface for women, you require instructional onboarding. Onboarding helps to retain women customers and helps them by improving their experiences.

2. User Profiles

User-profile making is prevalent in many applications both in mobile and websites. No one likes confusing and elongated registrations of profiles through synchronizing accounts via mails or social media. Check out companies around you then build a proper, more straightforward user profile incorporating health-related questions. Health associated questions might include age, sex, weight and other necessary information. Make sure the questions improve user-experiences.

3. A Periodic Calendar is a Must

Periodic Calendars are the crux of tracking application in women health as its accuracy is known by the time, user-generated input to understand where they are in their fertility cycle. Effective tracking can be done with the involvement of an interactive cycle bar.

It’s a very nice feature which not only keeps a visual track for women but also helps them make changes and suggest analytical changes with respect of time. These changes won’t happen abruptly but over time, which gives women tips on what to expect and how to treat themselves with time.

4. Reminders for Women

A reminder is a vital element in any tracking application out there; it involves time-to-time notification and gentle reminders for women to look upon essential dates. Reminders require input by the user first, and then the application starts tracking and analyzing.

Suppose if a woman forgets to enroll the first day of her period on the tracking application, then it may hinder the performance of the application. The work might start suffering. Applications should remind customers to take medications on time, daily entries of the log, and appointments with a doctor.

Doctor and Social Media

Have doctors onboard where consultations are done in a more accessible and strategized manner. Always keep ways through which users can connect and share information with the doctors. This way, the application is made more convenient, and communication between the doctor and patient is enclosed.

Social media is a world-class platform where people love to connect and share their stories. Many recent tracking applications have launched quora-like features for women with questions and answers. Communities are formed, and most women feel better after they share their problems and connect with people having the same issues.

Monetizing Mobile Apps

Monetizing is a challenging factor of these tracking applications, but it can be done in many ways through giving out premium memberships, pay-to-download, In-app purchases and ads. Last but not least, always make sure while developing women based healthcare tracking applications, every little thing must be taken into consideration. Things like the design of the applications, data security for the users, expert reviews, and secure payment gateways must always be taken care of.

About the Author:

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