Celebrity Inspired Jewellery Styles to Elevate Your Fashion

Hey there, ever noticed how celebrities seem to effortlessly dazzle on the red carpet, leaving us all in awe of their impeccable style? Well, it’s no secret that these stars have a knack for setting trends, especially when it comes to jewellery. From the glitzy necklaces to those sparkling earrings, they’ve got us swooning over their glamorous choices.

So, why not bring a bit of that star-studded magic into our own lives? That’s exactly what we’re here to chat about in this blog. We’re diving deep into the world of celebrity-inspired jewellery styles and sharing some super easy tips on how you can rock these luxurious trends in your everyday wardrobe.

The Pivotal Role of Celebrities in Jewellery Trends

The jewellery market is evolving, with a noticeable shift towards more branded, digital, and sustainability-focused offerings. This evolution is significantly influenced by celebrities who, through their public appearances, social media presence, and strategic endorsements, play a crucial role in popularizing specific jewellery styles and brands. The McKinsey report outlines a promising future for the jewellery and watch industries, emphasizing the expected growth driven by younger consumers and the increasing influence of branded jewellery​​. The trend towards ‘fast fashion’ in jewellery, fueled by technology and e-commerce, further highlights the rapid translation of celebrity style into accessible trends for the wider public​​.

Celebrities serve as trendsetters, with their fashion choices reverberating across the globe. Through their public appearances at award shows, premieres, and events, they showcase the latest jewellery styles, sparking inspiration among fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Social media platforms like Instagram further amplify their influence, providing a direct channel for celebrities to showcase their preferred brands and statement pieces to millions of followers with a single post.

Iconic Jewellery Styles Inspired by Celebrities

Celebrity-inspired jewellery moments showcased unique and bold choices. Rihanna impressed with a natural diamond toe ring and a diamond watch choker, while Dua Lipa made history with Tiffany & Co’s Lucida Star necklace at the Met Gala. Hailey Bieber’s ‘B’ pendant highlighted personalization, and Zendaya and Anne Hathaway’s Bulgari campaign showcased elegance. The coronation of Charles III featured historic jewels, Priyanka Chopra wore a rare blue diamond at the Met Gala, and Beyoncé dazzled with diamond outfits during a Dubai performance. These moments underline the celebrities’ influence on jewellery trends​

Statement Necklaces

  1. Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond Necklaces: Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her love of lavish jewellery, particularly diamond necklaces. One of her most iconic pieces was the La Peregrina pearl, diamond, and ruby necklace, famously gifted to her by Richard Burton. This extravagant piece set a standard for opulent statement necklaces.
  2. Rihanna’s Bold Chokers: Rihanna is known for her fearless fashion choices, including her affinity for bold choker necklaces. Her statement chokers, often adorned with pearls, spikes, or intricate designs, have sparked trends and influenced fashion-forward individuals around the world.
  3. Princess Diana’s Sapphire Necklace: Princess Diana famously wore a striking sapphire and diamond necklace, which later became iconic. The necklace was worn as both a choker and a longer piece, showcasing its versatility.

Elegant Earrings

  1. Audrey Hepburn’s Diamond Studs: Audrey Hepburn epitomized elegance with her simple yet stunning diamond stud earrings. Her minimalist approach to jewellery has stood the test of time, inspiring countless individuals to opt for understated elegance with diamond studs.
  2. Kate Middleton’s Drop Earrings: The Duchess of Cambridge is frequently seen wearing drop earrings, adding a touch of refinement to her outfits. Her preference for delicate yet eye-catching drop earrings has sparked a trend among royal enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike.
  3. Beyoncé’s Oversized Hoop Earrings: Beyoncé frequently sports oversized hoop earrings, adding a touch of edginess to her outfits. Her bold earring choices have sparked a resurgence of interest in statement hoops among fashion enthusiasts.

Stacked Rings and Bracelets

  1. Johnny Depp’s Layered Rings: Johnny Depp is known for his eclectic style, often seen wearing multiple rings on different fingers. His bold and unconventional approach to stacking rings has inspired a trend of mixing metals, textures, and styles for a unique and eclectic look.
  2. Gigi Hadid’s Arm Party: Gigi Hadid is a master of the “arm party”, often seen stacking bracelets and bangles of various sizes and designs on her wrists. Her playful and effortless style has encouraged many to embrace the trend of layering bracelets for a fun and personalized touch.
  3. Zendaya’s Layered Bracelets: Zendaya often layers bracelets of varying styles and materials, creating a dynamic and eclectic wrist stack. Her playful approach to accessorizing with bracelets has encouraged many to experiment with mixing and matching bracelets for a bohemian-chic aesthetic.

Bold Brooches

  1. Queen Elizabeth II’s Brooch Collection: Queen Elizabeth II has an extensive collection of brooches, each with its own significance and history. Her strategic placement of brooches on coats, dresses, and hats has become synonymous with regal elegance, inspiring a renewed interest in the timeless accessory.
  2. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Brooches: Sarah Jessica Parker, famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City”, has a penchant for vintage-inspired brooches. Whether adorning her lapel or accentuating her hairstyles, Parker’s eclectic collection of brooches adds a touch of whimsy and individuality to her looks.

How to Choose the Right Celebrity-Inspired Jewellery?

Selecting the right celebrity-inspired jewellery involves more than just emulating glamorous looks; it’s about integrating these styles into your personal and daily life seamlessly. Firstly, assess your personal style and lifestyle needs to ensure the jewellery pieces you admire on celebrities complement your daily wear and special occasions. Consideration of the occasion is paramount; what works on the red carpet may not suit everyday environments. Outfit coordination is crucial; the jewellery should enhance, not overwhelm your look. Comfort is also key; a piece that doesn’t feel right can detract from your confidence and overall appearance. Aim for versatility, ensuring the pieces can be mixed and matched with various outfits to maximize their use.

Where to Find Celebrity-Inspired Jewellery?

Finding celebrity-inspired jewellery that aligns with your style and budget can be an adventure, with options available from high-end boutiques to more accessible retailers. For instance, traditional diamond jewellers in Kolkata like Nemichand Bamalwa & Sons (J) offer an opportunity to explore custom pieces that capture the essence of celebrity glamour. Online marketplaces and speciality stores often curate collections inspired by the latest celebrity trends, providing options across the affordability spectrum.

In the UK, renowned jeweller Hatton Garden offers a plethora of options for celebrity-inspired jewellery. From elegant diamond necklaces to statement earrings, Hatton Garden’s diverse selection caters to various tastes and preferences. Additionally, British luxury brands like Asprey and Boodles are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs, often spotted by celebrities at red-carpet events.

Sustainability and ethical considerations should guide your choices regardless of location. Seek out brands committed to responsible sourcing and transparent production practices, ensuring your fashion choices not only elevate your style but also contribute positively to social and environmental standards.


Celebrity-inspired jewellery styles offer a captivating glimpse into the glamorous world of fashion, allowing individuals to infuse their style with a touch of star-studded allure. Throughout this blog, we’ve explored the iconic jewellery moments inspired by celebrities and offered practical guidance on selecting and incorporating these trends into your wardrobe.

From unexpected diamond choices to historic jewellery pieces worn at prestigious events, celebrities continue to influence fashion trends with their impeccable style. By aligning choices with personal preferences and considering occasions and outfit coordination, readers can seamlessly integrate celebrity-inspired jewellery into their daily wear.