Sun Control Films in Pune


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Window Glass Film is a well-established glass company in Pune. Provided glass film services all around in pune. We have a wide range of glass films like Sun Control, Window Glass Film etc… The quality of our customer service sets us apart from our competitors. We also provide 3M Sun Control Glass. Most of the multi-storey buildings are exposed to direct sunlight during daytime and they need heat control in an efficient way. For this purpose, frosted film and Sun Control Glass Film are applied on the glass windows and sliding glass doors to control excess heat coming inside the hall and bedrooms.

We have done glass privacy films and 3M Sun Control Glass for many commercial buildings and very wide range of residential apartments throughout Pune. Some homes also need fully blocking out the UV rays and blockout films are used for that purpose. Blockout films are completely black and prevents all the sunlight and heat coming inside. They are mostly used in hospitals and beauty parlors. They are the best heat rejection films if you don’t want to see through the glasses.

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