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Are you looking for the best Abu Dhabi IT solutions to serve all your IT requirements? Get total IT support & IT services in Abu Dhabi from online in Abu Dhabi, UAE. An Abu Dhabi based company – Provides solutions / support to IT Support – services, data storage, security, data maintenance.

About SwithIT

Swift IT Solutions company Abu Dhabi, a leader in the field of Information Technology, providing world-class IT consulting services and solutions to diverse businesses in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are specialized in offering full range of IT Consultancy and services to support your customers’ business infrastructure without any hassles.

Why Us?

From networking to hardware to applications, our Swiftit IT support company in Abu Dhabi has a team of certified experts to monitor, manage, and maintain your IT environment.


Simplifying System Integration. Reduced capital investment. Improved collaboration and connectivity. Reduced backup and storage risks. Reputed IT solutions company in Abu Dhabi.

Our Core IT Services:

  1. Networking and IT infra setup
  2. IT Maintenance (AMC) & support
  3. Telecom solutions
  4. Email management
  5. Gsuite for business
  6. Time attendance solutions
  7. Google business apps
  8. Time attendance system

Other Specialist Services:

  1. ERP & IT consulting
  2. Data backup & recovery solutions
  3. Web applications development
  4. Security & surveillance
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