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SOLAR-COM provides convenient and easy-to-use solar energy solutions for residential installations. The team has over 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing solar inverters and is dedicated to developing safe and efficient micro inverter technology. The company is continuously iterating its technology in response to advances in solar panel technology, in order to offer a wide range of power output.

Our Multi-Range Solar Products and Services

  • PV Project EPC Technical Provider
  • Micro Inverter OEM Service
  • Solar Products Europe Supply

Why Select Solar-Com Micro Inverter

  1. SOLAR-COM’s micro inverter has many advantages, such as fast shutdown, flexible panel layout, and module-level monitoring and diagnosis. Customers can get more information from installing SOLAR-COM micro inverters. Also our micro inverter full series pass CE, TUV and VDE certification.
  2. The technology team is led by top talent from Huawei and Emerson, and the company’s main business is the development and production of micro inverters.
  3. The SOLAR-COM micro inverter uses a new topology design with the highest efficiency of up to 95%. The company uses a unique structure design, aluminum alloy metal and internal thermal paste process to extend the DC range, all of which are designed to improve the lifespan of the micro inverter. Furthermore, the micro inverter is compatible with 182mm photovoltaic components and has a plug-and-play design for easy installation. It is a safe, efficient and user-friendly solar micro inverter.
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