Rapid Covid Test Kit for Sale, Covid-19 Test Kit for Sale


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Correct diagnosis of Covid-19 is very important for you and your family’s health. RT-PCR is the most effective method for diagnosing this deadly disease. We, at Citation Bioscience, are making the task of detecting Covid-19 simple with home testing kits that are readily usable. Even non-professionals can follow simple steps and test themselves using the Coronavirus Home Tests. After following the steps, you can send the kit back for laboratory testing and you will get the results within 24 hours of reception.

The Covid-19 antibody test kit is tested at a CLIA certified lab. Our kit provides a proven method for detecting the onset of this highly contagious disease. The kit can be bought online. It can be bought solo or in a pack of two or in a pack of four, as per requirement.

Our Covid-19 kit can also be used by companies for testing their employees. After the reception of the sample, we will send the results back to the HR or the employees directly. Our Covid-19 test kit price online are very reasonable and the kits are transported as soon as the order is received.

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