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Phone+1 905-232-0411

USCA Academy is an international school and private school, with our main location situated in Mississauga, Ontario. At USCA Academy, we pride ourselves on providing international students and local students with a quality education from professional and highly experienced teachers and tutors. We offer a wide variety of programs ranging from elementary and middle school levels, high school levels and university level preparation programs.

A Wide Variety of Programs Include:

  1. Elementary School Program (grade 1-8)
  2. Ontario Secondary School Program(grade 9-12)
  3. University Preparation Program(Grade 12)
  4. Language Preparation Coaching (IELTS/TOEFL/ESL)

Some Features:

  1. High University Acceptance Rate
  2. Guidance Assistance
  3.  Ministry accredited and approved Program
  4. Visa Application Assistance;
  5. Accommodation Assistance
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