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Do you enjoy every sunny day in your garden, having a barbecue with lots of friends and family around, or just quietly taking a moment in the morning sunshine? If the answer is yes to any of those. You’ll agree with this. Most people have their garden patio laid to try and recreate the feeling of being on holiday when the sun shines. The minute the sun is forecast you can’t find a bag of charcoal briquettes anywhere. Having a large patio space is a great addition to you home and the paving choices make it easy for choosing what style suits your house. For example, if you live in a house built in the 50’s or 60’s you can still get a contemporary / modern patio slab that will complement it.

The challenge; picking a paving type that looks good, adds value to the property, and last years without too much aftercare. Our service has the benefit of 25 years landscape design and construction experience. Which allows the process of design and installation to work alongside your busy life and not as an interruption to it. In just one phone call you’ll be able to discuss your ideas, see a comprehensive 3D design of how your paving will look, receive a full breakdown of all costs, and enjoy the ease of having a team of employed, qualified, insured landscapers build your patio.

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