Indian Pickleball Association in Bangalore


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The Indian Pickleball Association (IPA) is a sports federation based in Bangalore, India, that promotes and organizes amateur and professional pickleball events in the country. It is also known as Pickleball India, All India Pickleball Federation, and hosts the Pickleball League. The association aims to popularize the sport of pickleball and develop top-level players to represent India in international competitions.

The IPA wants to promote the practice of a healthy and ethical sport and wants to encourage the teaching of the educational merits of physical activity. It aims particularly:

  • To promote the practice of Pickleball as a tool for physical and educational development
  • To vastly increase meetings and to encourage exchanges between as many people as possible, making sure of a well established ethical framework
  • To use Pickleball as a tool to forge links between the peoples of India
  • To develop structures concerned with giving to each state association the means for them to build themselves and to grow in size.

In all its activities, the IPA will endeavour to provide maximum support for participants and spectators, maintaining strong values of mutual respect.

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