Highly Accurate Maternity DNA Test in India


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A maternity DNA test is used to confirm whether the alleged woman is the biological mother of the child or not. DNA testing can give you peace of mind over the biological identity of your child. People who are looking for a Maternity DNA test in India, visit DDC Laboratories India. Here, we provide 100% accurate and reliable peace-of-mind maternity DNA tests at a competitive price. To learn more about the Maternity DNA Test in India, call our executive and book an appointment now.

The Process of DNA Test in India

The buccal swabs are rubbed with circular and up & down motion against the inside of the cheek walls. This process is repeated with another swab on the other cheek.

Once the samples of both -the child and the mother are collected, the swabs are let to dry in the air, followed by packing and sending the samples to the DNA testing laboratory for analysis.

At DDC Laboratories India, we offer ready-to-use DNA test kit online. You can book your maternity DNA test and order our kit online. Once received, you have to follow the instructions on the kit package and take your sample and send it to our testing facility.

The kit contains a tamper-proof envelope on which the address of our facility is printed. After we receive the samples, we start the DNA test.

If you are not sure about the kit, you can opt for our Home Collection Facility (T & C Applied).

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