Health Insurance in Dubai


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Looking for health insurance in UAE? Compare the health insurance quotes offered by leading insurance companies in the UAE, including Dubai. Everything is unpredictable in life, including your health. Medical needs vary every day and medical emergencies can derive anytime. Dubai, where the cost of living is on a higher side, managing medical expenses is difficult.

What are all included in the health insurance policy list?

As strict rules have been key in the progress of Dubai, the health insurance policies also follow strict rules regulated by the government. Every policyholder has an insurance policy for a stipulated time with all the inclusion mentioned in the policy. However, every health insurance policy is different from each other, below listed are the major inclusions in a basic health insurance policy:

  • Pre-existing diseases and health illnesses
  • In-patient hospitalization costs
  • Day care procedures
  • New-born or maternity care
  • Pre and post hospitalization
  • Health check-ups
  • Ambulance charges
  • Medication
  • Room rent charges
  • Vaccination and inoculations
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