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The Hartnett Law Firm practice extends across the State of Texas and primarily focuses on probates involving: complex trust and estate litigation, heirship issues including common law marriage determinations and guardianship matters. For over thirty years our three generations of family, including several top rated lawyers, have been working in the legal field specifically in the area of probate litigation.

The Hartnett Law Firm Services Include:

  1. Estate Litigation: This area includes probate matters such as will contests, will construction, and removal of an administrator.
  2. Trust Litigation: Matters including trust contests, trust terminations, breaches of fiduciary duty and removals of trustees.
  3. Heirship: A branch of estate litigation, this area focuses on inheritances when no will is found and includes common-law spouse determinations.
  4. Guardianship: Occurs when a minor or adult is incapacitated and needs the probate court to appoint someone to assist in handling their affairs.
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