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A Power Monitoring System is a network of meters connected to the Internet to provide real-time data on the power system in your facility. Bosspac Power Monitoring System can change the way you manage power in your facility. The meters feed an online software system that allows the owners and service providers to identify potential problems with the electrical systems. With a Power Monitoring system installed, you can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Power Monitoring Systems enable you to monitor and control the power system in your facility by providing real-time information on current loads, voltage levels, equipment performance, and more. The meters can be placed on circuit breakers, at transformer vaults, or at any location where they have access to power. An Online Software system allows you to view the data in person, over the internet or in a combination of both ways.

Our Power Monitoring Systems are designed for maximum security with minimal maintenance needed and with reliable service operation within a three-node configuration. And if that’s not enough, they’re backed by Bosspac’s Unconditional 10 Year Warranty.

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