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Need legal help with a protective order in Texas? can provide you with the expert representation you need to get the best possible outcome for your case. A Houston protective order helps protect people from anyone who might want to cause them harm, which is often an abusive partner. Realizing that someone you love is dangerous to you can be incredibly difficult and emotional, and we understand that. We also understand that your safety is the priority.

Texas Protective Orders

Texas law allows for temporary protective orders, which last up to 20 days, and general orders that last for up to two years; they are restraining orders. These orders can prevent family violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, and stalking. Family violence includes a range of acts, including serious threats of harm. Family counts as blood relatives, relatives by marriage, ex-spouses, co-parents, foster children, and anyone who has ever lived in the same household.

Additionally, enjoin orders prohibit any contact; other orders exclude the abusive partner from private areas, such as in cases where partners may need to exchange children. Protective orders can prevent abusive parents from contacting their children. Courts can also order an abuser to seek counseling and suspend their firearm license. If you need a protective order, you can file for one in the county that you or the offender lives in. You can apply with the help of family law attorneys or through legal aid. The Department of Human and Regulatory Services can also file for a protective order.

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