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Vandana Packaging began as a small family operation, but it has since grown to 1 location, 100 employees, and thousands of overjoyed customers. As a dominant force in the corrugated box marketplace for the Mid-Atlantic region, Vandana Packaging credits its success to product innovation, exceptional customer service, product quality, state-of-the-art equipment, involved employees, and on-time delivery capabilities. Vandana Packaging Pvt. Ltd. is known for constantly providing excellent service and the highest quality boxes. We are working on this philosophy that has not only earned us great respect from our customers but from our competitors as well. We have a great team of experts with excellent quality control procedures on our products by converting raw material to finished cartons and boxes combined with timely deliveries. Vandana Packaging Pvt. Ltd. is known for building businesses to provide the highest level of service putting the customer first no matter what the challenge to us.

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