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Latchelp is best place the for lactation and maternal consultants for breastfeeding new mothers and also for the person who is in the transition period of parenthood. Mrs. Kanimozhi Sentamari Kannan the leading lactation consultant and also a well-trained professional who will provide complete support and guidance through her personalized classes for all types of breastfeeding and maternal problems. At Latchelp, you can feel free and comfortable to consult the problems because Latchelp is also providing breastfeeding online classes on considering the situation of the mothers. The one-stop solution for Mothers during their crucial time from breastfeeding first time to postpartum depression Latchelp will be there to support and solve the problems with personalized care and solutions.

Reason to Choose Latchelp

  • Friendly and comfortable environment
  • Well-trained and professional lactation consultant Doctor
  • Availability of personalized care and support
  • Individualized care and attention
  • Enhanced breastfeeding success rates

The friendly and comfortable environment, along with the professionalism and knowledge of the lactation consultant Mrs. Kanimozhi Sentamari Kannan, create an optimal setting for individuals to address their breastfeeding concerns and achieve their breastfeeding goals.

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