Alternative Treatment for Cancer in Kerala


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Integrative cancer medical care means treating/managing cancer with the help of any alternative treatment modality along with the standard practices. It mainly includes practices like Therapeutic diet and life style changes, Stress management, Detoxification, IV Vitamin C, IV nutrients, Ozone therapy, Herbal medicines, Hyperthermia, Supplements, Medicinal Cannabis etc. Standard care includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and biological therapy. Integrated cancer care is done along with standard practices. Mostly standard oncology practice is more focussed on the disease and frequently ignore the health of the patient. Functional medicines give more importance for regaining the health and thereby allowing our own body to fight the disease. Many small research studies have shown that an cancer care greatly improves the treatment outcome and quality of life especially in terminal cases.

Bethaniya Clinic runs the forefront in giving non-conventional treatments related to cancer. We helps our patient to fight this disease utilising all the available means and provide compassionate care. Here the treatment approach is purely patient centric and patient/relatives are always involved in making treatment decisions. We are open to all medical sciences which is likely to be beneficial for the patient. The treatments are under the supervision of Dr. Griger Cherry Williams, an eminent physician. Bethaniya Clinic focuses on providing high-quality treatment, keeping in mind the requirements of our patients.

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