A Guide to Buy Ink Cartridges Online

Printers are needed at homes, offices, shops, studios and schools every day to create a physical copy of documents, invoices, assignments and creatives. You may find it hard to manage without a printer. For printing photos, posters, and a lot more, you need a reliable printer with good quality ink cartridges that can help you in your work. Ink cartridges are needed to print through the printers, and one should ensure that they are buying good quality ink cartridges from the renowned brands to make their printer last long.

How do Ink Cartridges Work?

Ink cartridges work with inkjet printers to print the pictures, text and designs on the paper. The inkjet printers use the printer’s spray to spray tiny droplets of ink through the many nozzles of the ink cartridges on the paper. Inkjet printers are either dye based, or pigment based on the series of cartridges and the brand of the printer.

Things to Remember While Buying Ink Cartridge Online

Types of Ink Cartridges

1. Dye Based Ink Cartridges: While Dye based cartridges are used for the vibrant colored photos and designs. The flip side of the dye-based ink is that it can smudge after a while and become dull since it is not waterproof.

2. Pigment Based Ink Cartridges: Pigment based ink is used for creating sharp and high-quality images and photos prints which would last for years and years without fading.

Printer Ink Cartridge Should Be Compatible with the Printer You Have

It is one of the most important things to note while you buy ink cartridges online. The ink cartridge should be able to fit and work with your printer based on the size and brand. Your inkjet printer may not work with any kind of ink cartridge available online, thus you should study the requirements and specifications before purchasing. You must check whether your printer needs a single cartridge or multiple cartridges and the order accordingly.


You should check the guarantee and the time period of the warranty before buying the ink cartridges, in case there is some issue with the ink cartridge then you should be able to get a replacement or refund of your money. Ink cartridges are expensive, and the quality should be good else your money would be wasted. Imagine wasting time and effort in assembling, ordering the ink cartridge and then getting a bad quality print. In order to make sure that your prints are great you must buy for trusted brands with a warranty.

Size of Cartridge

You must check the size of your printer and your requirement before buying the ink cartridge. While for high volume printing you need an XL cartridge, for home use you can just use the standard cartridges. While standard cartridges are ok for text and document printing, photos would not turn great with them.

Tricolor or Single Cartridge

Individual cartridges and tri-color cartridges are both handy and useful based on your requirement. While the tri-color ones are better quality print they are costly for long term use. On the other hand, the individual cartridge is more affordable as when one cartridge runs out of ink you can replace just that piece instead of replacing the whole set in the tricolor cartridge.

Recycled Ink Cartridges

The recycled products help in saving the environment and cost less. There is no harm in doing your bit to save the ecosystem and promote green practices, buying a recycled ink cartridge online can be a good way to do so. You can get the revamped cartridges for less price at times even half the price. The recycled cartridges do not give any problem with quality and use.

You can buy reliable and good quality ink cartridges, toners, HP printers and scanners, Canon scanners and printers online easily.