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Diacri Tech
India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, 600106
Friday, August 31, 2018 at 12:33:19 PM GMT

Established in 1997, diacriTech is a leading provider of books, journals, and multimedia publishing services. diacriTech caters to K-12, college, STM, and trade publishers spanning all continents. The company's primary objective is to use experienced publishing professionals, subject-matter experts, and technology to provide high-quality services cost-effectively while achieving quick turnarounds. With these goals in mind and flawless execution of projects, its customers have helped diacriTech achieve a high annual growth. In turn, customers benefit from significant savings in production costs, lower overheads, increased throughput, and the ability to meet peak demands while maximizing profits... Our production facilities work around the clock to ensure prompt responses to customer requirements.

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