ICR Tampa

ICR Tampa has its own identity about its niche across the globe which keeps on providing uncompetitive services and products along with warranty. It’s a fastest growing organization with strong global presence.

ICR Tampa is an air conditioning company based out of Bay area which is founded in the year of 2004. We provide services of maintenance, repair and replacement of you air conditioning. Under maintenance we provide you complete support in order to manage your machine in different scenarios. You can call us anytime from anywhere and our support team will guide you throughout. In repair, we do repairing of your machine post receiving of complaint and suppose if you have purchased any damaged product (AC) we provide you quick replacement. It’s all possible because of a team of ICR Tampa. We have a team of dedicated staff who take your queries on priority and provide best solution in quick manner in order save time and cost.

ICR Tampa

Services Provided by ICR Tampa

HVAC Repair and Installation: Suppose after purchasing your product, you need installation of new air conditioning machine or even if you are looking for repairing of an old machine then do not hesitate to contact us. We do provide services for Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) requirement.

Along with this we do provide below mentioned services specifically and you can call is anytime for any kind of service whether HVAC repair, replacement or maintenance.

Heating and Cooling Repair: If you are having issues of heating or cooling of new or existing air conditioning equipment then our team will help you in order to get rid of summers or winters respectively.

Green Homes Energy Assessment: There is a possibility that due to inefficiency of your system, huge electricity bills are getting generated which usually escapes through vacant spaces around windows or doors, hence our technicians will provide you big relief from that as well by placing the equipments at correct places.

Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement: Repair of existing air conditioning machine will always be provided on priority if you are using an existing machine, hence please do not hesitate to enquire us. Even if you have purchased a new system and getting issues with its parts then also do not worry. We do provide opportunity for quick replacement of complete machine

Air Conditioning Installation: After purchasing the AC there is always a need for its proper installation and a common man cannot do from its own. To resolve this issue we have team of engineers who installs your Air conditioning equipment as per your home environment and also guide you throughout for its handling in future.

Kitchen Remodeling: To make your eating area beautiful and lucrative we provide tips for installation of cabinets countertops and lighting materials. Taking down walls, and moving gas lines, plumbing connections, and electrical wiring will quickly erode your budget. This will make your kitchen area attractive.

Retro Fitting: Under this service we provide an opportunity to integrate newest technology trends with your existing system so that our users can also take the advantages of new machine without buying it.


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