What Are Virtual Data Rooms?

fiona November 9, 2018 No Comments

To know about virtual data rooms first we have to understand what is data rooms? Data rooms are places used for housing data, They can be virtual data rooms, physical data rooms, or data centers. A virtual data room also known as a VDR it’s an online storehouse of information that are used for sorting, distribution and storing the files. All this process done by internet connection but it’s a controlled access. These connections are very secure and supply by vendors or authority responsible for disabling or enabling, the secure log-on at any time. Because of this features and terms these rooms are also known as a virtual deal room. They are used for a variety of purposes, including data storage, document exchange, file sharing, financial transactions, legal transactions and more. SEE ALSO:: Secure Computer Data With Hard Drive Data Recovery Services In the beginning, Virtual data rooms were used […]

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Real or Fake Facts About Biggest Cyber Attack Via Ransomware Virus

fiona November 6, 2018 No Comments

What Is Ransomware Virus? Ransomware is a type of encrypting malware that encrypts data files and holds them for ransom. Ransoms typically range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Cyber criminals made over $1billion dollars last year from businesses attacked by ransomware and since these cyber criminals have learned to monetize attacks; their frequency and severity of attacks will continue to grow exponentially. SEE ALSO:: How to Keep Your Bank Account Safe from Hacking? You should be aware that most ransomware attacks come in the form of an email attachment, in a video or a just visiting infected websites. You have to take extreme attentiveness when opening email attachments and new websites. Never open an attachment in an email you were not expecting to receive or that you do not recognize the sender. You should use the same caution when presented with URL’s that you do not recognize or came […]

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