An Introduction to Digital Marketing

fiona December 5, 2018 No Comments

In today’s world of the Internet, where we are in a super well-connected network which opens doors to great business opportunities by taking benefits from different mediums, offline and online. And so there lies a huge scope of marketing on a digital party line. Essentially digital marketing is a very broad denomination where displaying and marketing collaborates with online network and creation, on different types of online platforms. The authentic way marketing in later days was just to market the products in form of print media, radio commercials, TV advertisements, hoardings, business cards, catalogs etc. which indeed had a lot of constraints and are also not well quantifiable. Talking about the new methodology adopted by the new generation, digital marketing can be categorised in various fields depending upon the functionality. One of the most important steps towards increasing revenue through digital marketing is focusing on fast processing methods such as […]

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Gain Improved Ranking Using SEO Techniques

fiona October 12, 2018 No Comments

SEO is a proven technique that can boost the online search engine ranking of any business or brand thus improving ROI and conversion. SEO, in fact, is the process of web site optimisation and marketing that improves your website rank on online searches and traffic across every popular search engines. SEO is instrumental in the better performance of any brand in the search ranking as search engines rank any website on the relevant search terms or search phrases. So, in this competitive global market, to perform better, you need to achieve higher ranking in all prominent search engines. SEE ALSO:: ABCD of Search Engine Optimisation How SEO Affect your Company? A well-crafted search engine optimisation campaign can improve your search engine ranking which is also called SERP in all major search engines and help your prospect to find you or your business online easily. There are many others ways also […]

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ABCD of Search Engine Optimisation

fiona October 2, 2018 No Comments

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation? You might have heard about SEO. SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimisation“. If you want to see your website on the first page of leading search engine websites, it is essential to optimize your website with the right set of SEO. In other words, the right search engine optimisation is nothing more than all those actions or techniques that we perform so that the major search engines (mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing) include your website in the best positions. “But in the best positions of what?”, You’ll ask. Well with this we refer to that position that Google and other major search engines give to our website after having made a prior consultation through a keyword. We’ll give you an example – Suppose a user wants to buy barber equipment in the UK, for that he goes to Google and with almost […]

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