Who is Narendra Modi?

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Who is Narendra Modi?

Biography of PM Narendra Modi with His Foreign Trips

Narendra Modi was born in a very ordinary family in Vadnagar, Gujarat in 1950. Nobody thought that a tea seller would ever be the PM of the country. Modi did MA in Political Science. From his childhood, he had a very tilt towards the Sangh and the RSS had a strong base in Gujarat.

He reached Ahmedabad in 1967 at the age of 17, and in the same year, he joined the RSS. After this, he joined the newly constructed movement in 1974. Before coming into active politics like this, Modi has been a “Pracharak” of the RSS for many years.

Narendra Modi’s Journey from Chief Minister to Prime Minister

Narendra Modi has done amazing work in Gujarat. A terrible earthquake occurred in Gujarat in 2001 and there was huge destruction in entire Gujarat. Not pleased with the Gujarat government’s relief work, senior BJP leaders made Narendra Modi the Gujarat chief minister.

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Modi took the relief work very efficiently and restored Gujarat. Modi made Gujarat the best state of India. They delivered electricity to the village. For the first time in the country, all the rivers of the state were added so that the water crisis in the entire state was overcome.

Asia’s largest solar park was built in Gujarat. All the villages of Gujarat were connected to the Internet and tourism was also promoted. During Modi’s tenure, unemployment in Gujarat decreased considerably and there was considerable strength in the security of women. Because of these reasons, the people of Gujarat were appointed by the people of Gujarat for four consecutive terms as Chief Minister.

Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India on May 26, 2014, and he is the first Prime Minister of India born after Independence. Since assuming office in May 2014, Prime Minister Modi has come on a journey of all-round and inclusive development where every Indian can fulfill his hopes and aspirations.

For the first time, unprecedented change has come through the Prime Minister Jan-Dhan Yojana under which it has been ensured that all the citizens of the country are involved in the financial system. Keeping their focus on simplifying the business, their invocation of ‘Make in India’ has led to unprecedented communication between the investors and entrepreneurs and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

After becoming the Prime Minister, he made many foreign tours and strengthened India’s image throughout the world. That is why there is a lot of investment in foreign investment abroad. Modi also has a very good relationship with neighboring countries. Modi initiated many schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India and Digital India which is developing very well in Bharata.

Narendra Modi’s Foreign Tours

As per RTI, it has been revealed that during his 48-month rule, Prime Minister Modi has so far made 50 foreign visits to more than 50 countries. During this visit, a total of Rs 355 crores has been spent.

Narendra Modi’s most expensive tour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s most expensive overseas visit was in April 2015 when he went on a visit to Canada after Europe in which he went on a visit to Canada after France and Germany, and during this period, he had spent 31 crores rupees.

His cheapest foreign tour was in Bhutan when he went on his first foreign tour as the Prime Minister. On this tour, the Government spent Rs. 2.45 crores rupees. Modi visited Bhutan on June 15-16, 2014.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has toured many countries. As far as direct foreign investment is concerned, Mauritius, Singapore, and Britain are ahead of all the three most investing countries.

Modi supporters say that the purpose of foreign visits of the prime minister is to sell India as a country of “improved environment and facilities” for investment. He says that the Prime Minister does not make foreign trips for personal benefits, but also travels to increase the dignity of the country.

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