What is Website Monetization?

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Website monetization is the procedure of transformation of your existing web traffic into particular revenue. Some of the popular methods of monetizing a websites are using CPI/CPM Cost per impression and Pay per click (PPC) marketing. In simple words website monetization is the doing work on website, blog and app to making money. It’s not about selling a product but this process is easier than that. Simply mean that you are earning income from your website without selling anything. Your website, blog or mobile app is a perfect place for advertising products and for that there are numerous plans to do that.

One line Definition of “website monetizing” is simply “making money from your visitors”.

Monetization is a function of two simple variables:

  1. How much revenue is earned from each visitor to the website or blog
  2. How much traffic a website can generates

What You Can Monetize in Website?

Website is your most valuable and noticeable online property. Most of website and blog owners are probably spending a lot of time and resources for promoting and helping it grow. If you are good and successful, you probably have thousands (maybe even tens of thousands) of visitors to your website each month. If you’re very successful, you may get hundreds or thousands of visitors per month. That’s a massive audience, so it’s no surprise that advertisers would love to get in front of it.

However, there is not only a website which you can monetize, there are some more things like application, software or even you can monetize browser extension, also. Make sure monetization strategies are not same for all these things you have to make different strategies for it, those will discuss later in blog.

You have lots strategy for website monetization and it is useful to discovering all of them so you can take full advantage of your revenue potential and create a solid income.

Some important ways of website monetization

  • Pay per click advertising
  • Cost per impression advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Data monetization
  • Paid membership programs
  • Donations

How to measured Website Monetization?

As we mentioned above, the amount of generating money from your website it depends on

  • The volume of traffic
  • Average revenue derived from each visitor or page view.

Total Revenue = Page views x Revenue per Page view

Way to measure how successfully you’re monetizing website and generating traffic through active CPM. So conclusion from above revenue generation formula says that if you want to increase your revenue, there are two key routes to do so.

  • Increase your eCPM
  • Increase your traffic

How Much Do Websites Make?
There are a various factors that control how much money you can possibly make from your blog or website:

  1. Monetization Efficiency: This basically refers to how well you take advantage of the opportunities available to you, and how good you catch the most possible revenue out of your visitors.
  2. Visitor values: Different promoters have different strategy and ideas of quality. It may possible that one company’s target market (visitors) may be absolutely unattractive for other company’s website. Generally, the more attractive and useful your website, the wealthier viewers you will get.
  3. Presence of Appropriate Website Monetization Sources: Essentially, you will be able to more effectively monetize your website if your website position in a good rank. Where there are many promoters, advertisers and companies are willing to spend to reach your visitors. If no one is looking to reach your audience, then there is no meaning how capable they are.

How to monetize a website

There are numerous different techniques to do website monetizing and different strategies will work more effectively for different types of sites. The general strategies for website monetization are listed below

  1. Lead Generation: In certain positions, websites can generate quality leads for third parties or venders who are willing to pay money on per lead. Those companies are individuals they believe that quality lead may eventually become paying customers.
  2. Display Advertising: Most websites on internet use display advertising strategy to generate part of their profits; in this method the banner ads are shows up on different places that you see lots of times while browsing. Like Google Adsense, Bing Ads, chitika, info links advertisement etc…

Wild Ideas are ok for Website Monetization

  1. Subscriptions: Some sites in the market are making their money mainly by selling their content. This can be a hard to break and get good market position because many publishers have been moving away from it in last few years, but if you are good actually not good but batter to crack the nut then there can be a big pay day.
  2. eCommerce: Online market stores are another big moneymaker, and in recent trend it’s wealthy business; selling services or products online is a way to making income from your traffic. Many websites operate completely as ecommerce sites like: Amason, ebay, Netflix.com, Asos, Walmart, Etsy, Alibaba.com, etc…
  3. Affiliate Marketing : Many websites are works under an affiliate marketing module, where they bypass their visitors or we can say leads to a partner seller. If that referral visitor makes successful payment, then affiliate gets a commission.

Bottom Line

Website monetization is far from precise skills; there’s no step to step guide or manual with that you sure shot increase your earnings, but you need to understand the audience interest to maximize earnings from your website. But in maximum cases, there is a lot that can be done in order to more effectively monetize your traffic, including generating new income streams and cultivating relationships that will allow you to make more from your existing sources of cash flow. The best advice any website owner can heed is to experiment regularly and think creatively; always be trying new things and maintain a willingness to think outside the box.

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