How to Bitcoin Convert to Another Cryptocurrency

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How to Bitcoin Convert to Another Cryptocurrency

After the birth of Bitcoin, it was popular only among a small circle of geeks, IT specialists, and cryptographers for some time. The rest had never heard of digital currencies or considered them a pyramid scheme.

However, time passed, and Bitcoin began to prove its value. When he had gained some popularity, of course, other crypto coins entered the scene. Some are working under similar algorithms, and they are called “forks” (bifurcations).

However, there is also crypto money which works under a different principle. Many of these electronic currencies serve certain purposes. Some of them became more popular, others less. In any case, the need arises to convert from one currency crypto to another.

Why Convert Bitcoins to Traditional Currencies?

Despite the boom that has meant the interruption of this cryptocurrency in the financial market, it is still too early for “the masses” to adopt its use as a method to pay normally or make any type of purchase online or offline.

This is greatly contributed by the lack of knowledge about its use and the still few companies that accept it as a method of payment. This is changing little by little, and important sites such as Microsoft, Dell or Expedia already accept Bitcoin as the currency in exchange for their products and services.

Many of these people come from this world to earn money online since there are many sites where we can accumulate small fractions of this valuable currency easily and completely free.

The problem that arises is that many of these people do not aim to accumulate this currency as a store of value but they need to change it to a traditional currency to make their purchases or transfer the money to your bank, payment processor, credit card, and so on.

Within this group of people, the most common question that all of them ask is always the same: how can I convert my bitcoins for money into PayPal? It’s possible? Yes, of course, it is possible, but it has a great disadvantage.

How can you do it?

You have many options to do this operation. The simplest is to use the services of the exchange office. There are lots of websites that offer such services online. All you need is to choose the currency you want to sell, then the currency you want to receive. Then enter the amount of money you are willing to pay, confirm the transaction, and the rest is the work of the owner of the service. This procedure can be automatic or manual. In the second case, you pay a smaller commission, but you will have to wait for the money transfer.

The second option is an Exchange. You can register an account in Raptorc Coin and connect your purses of different crypto coins to it, among which you only have to do one operation. Next, create a sales order for a certain number of currencies, or look at the offers of other Exchange participants. If you can find a buyer for your offer, or you like an offer to buy from another party, your transaction will automatically end. Once the above is done, the desired currency crypto will be credited to your account and you can withdraw it to your wallet.

The third option is to make a deal in person with a third party. In any specialized forum, you can find people with the cryptocurrency you need and offer yours to him. If the exchange rate you offer meets the seller’s expectations, they can meet in person and make the exchange. Of course, you can transfer funds online, but remember that one of the main characteristics of cryptocurrencies is the irrevocability of payments. That is, you will not be able to recover your savings after sending money to another person if this turns out to be a scammer.

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