House Lifting

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What Is House Lifting?

House Lifting is also called as house raising or house jacking or barn jacking or house elevating or building jacking. House raising is the process of moving building from one to another location. Hydraulic screw jacks are used for raising the building.

How House Lifting Or House Raising Works?

The separating a building from its actual foundation is the very first step of raising of a house. In this process huge hydraulic screw jacks are used. And after lifting put it on temporary supports until new foundation is constructed below. You imagine that the raising of the whole house is no easy task. Also, you have to do the legal procedure for that.

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House Owner Check List for House Raising

  • Shutting off services like water, gas, electric, telephone etc…
  • Fully clear movers’ work area around the house.
  • To be clear, there is no shale or excavate rock. If not, then contractors have to test holes dug.
  • Permission for mover to work on private property.
  • Clear crawl spaces around a building.
  • Remove non supporting partitions.
  • Remove staircase to basement.
  • Remove all sills from present foundation.

When House Lifting Is Very Beneficial?

If you are suffering in the following situations, you should do house raising.

  • Flooded by hurricane sandy
  • Your house is in flood zone
  • Less area in the house
  • You want to increase the value of your home

What Factors Measure In House Lifting Cost?

Now, you should have 1 question for house lifting. How determines its cost. So, there are many factors measure in this process.

  • Size of house
  • Condition of building
  • Status of area
  • Framing
  • Height of elevating
  • Legal permits
  • Labor
  • Materials
  • Landscaping
  • Utilities
  • Time frame
  • Other miscellaneous cost

Get More Information about House Raising

House lifting is the best option if you are considering extension of a house. It allows you to increase the height and create a new full basement from a crawl area. This is very beneficial because it makes double the square feet of your house. So, you can get outdoor space intact. It is smarter than home moving because you have new living space for your family. House lifting companies offer raising, moving, house removals, flooding services, foundation repair, underpinning, foundation leveling and house leveling also. It is much important when you are living near water zones. Using house lifting you can avoid flood damage, add a basement, avoid moving and add head space.