Hotel Booking Industry Launches To Streamline Travel Facilities

fiona November 7, 2018 No Comments

These days, many new alternatives for large groups in need of travel arrangements. Many companies are launching to out run antiquated hotel booking methods. Disrupting the travel industry with discounted hotel rates, activities and VIP airport transfers, the site ups the ante on corporate event attendance with affordability in tow.

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In San Francisco, CA on November 1, 2016 – Fresh from the Y Combinator, where the nation’s most innovative startups compete for funding, So many companies launch to a well-spring of support. Invited to attend the event in 2015, the new travel site now takes its contemporary modus operandi to the masses. On a mission to make corporate travel easier with a turn-key approach to essentials like pre-negotiated group hotel deals, where some hotel booking companies redefine the term “traveling light”. It also finds revenues up $650k in less than one year proving that group travel isn’t the only thing that’s come to play.

Bringing the travel industry screaming into the 21st century, some hotel booking industries offer a turn-key experience. Now, corporate housing rates for hotels within walking distance, concierge services, VIP perks, and a dedicated web page for the event are all on tap. Streamlining the process even more, Travel industry is soon slated for an app launch so event organizers can facilitate details from their mobile devices.

What Type of Hotel Booking Services Are Most Beneficial For Travel Industries

Making wholesale hotel pricing a given so groups can travel better, In March of this year they helped corporate clients reserve room blocks with hotels for trade shows. At that time, they contracted with twenty hotels in three cities. Two months later we redesigned our site and revenue jumped from $50k to $150k. They took it a step further to offer more hotels, activities and rental cars for the B2B as well as B2C markets which then generated over $700k in sales. They are thrilled at the potential.