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Have our sites helped you? Then please help us.

Our website provides you lots of different services like live Stock Market Price, Currency Converter, Bitcoin Market Price, Insurance Rates, CryptoCurrency Rates etc… Currently we are not charging for any of this service. Our goal is to extend our services in free of cost. We need your help to achieve these goals.

Our team is doing hard work to maintain our service quality and make our visitors happy with the service. This website rely on your contributions to keep it running. In fact, your donations help us to maintenance, development, server, user support and all the other costs that come with running popular services and large archives.

If you’ve benefited from one of our sites, want to support us, please contribution of a few pounds or dollar a month, or making a one-off donation. It will be very much appreciated. We will use it to work even harder on this project.

NOTE: Other than the amount and payment method, Anonymous donors are certainly appreciated, but if you provide your name and mailing address, we can provide you more information regarding your donation. We can send a note of appreciation and will keep you updated on our fundraising progress.

Secure Donation Using PayPal

Fill in the information, then click on the Review donation button to make your payment:

To pay using your PayPal account, simply login to your PayPal account and complete the transaction.
To pay with your credit/debit card, click on the portion of the PayPal page that says don’t have a PayPal account? To display the credit card information.

After you complete your payment on PayPal, please click on the ‘Return to Write’ link on your PayPal confirmation page.
If you donate some money using the button below.

If you would like to donate office supplies to support our mission, please contact us at to coordinate your donation.

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