Digital India – Let’s Make in India

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Digital India – Let’s Make in India

After the election of Narendra Modi in 2014, there were great expectations about the market reforms that the pro-business leader was planning to attract foreign capital and grow the economy. Among the best known is “No red tape, an only red carpet for investors”.

Now, Honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is prioritizing the modernization of India’s digital infrastructure. It recognizes that without a digital update of the educational system, any economic progress will be weak at best.

The economic power in the global market, driven by today’s technology, requires an advanced workforce, as well as a social modernization both depend largely on education. A digital revolution can boost the two most critical aspects of Indian society to achieve true economic growth.

Along with Digital India, Make In India is a new initiative taken by the Indian Government. In order to make this campaign a success, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the CEO of IT companies Like “Fruxinfo Pvt. Ltd.” in many countries and inspired him to invest in India.

The scheme was being provided by multinational companies and at the same time, these companies have opened their factories in many places in India and have invested in India. And many Indian people are also getting employment from them.

A workshop was organized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion on December 29, 2014, to explain this plan to everyone. Among them included Narendra Modi himself, along with his cabinet minister, chief secretaries of all the states and leaders of big industry were also involved.

The main objective of Make in India

The purpose of the “Make In India” Campaign is to promote the development of new technologies in India and the products made in India. The main principle of Make in India is that foreign companies get inspiration to invest in India and in India, they are encouraged to make products.

Not only foreign products but the products of Indian companies are being promoted under the scheme. In India, lack of unevenness, unemployment, the decline in women count, corruption, poverty and lack of health care are present. Make In India Campaign is a very good initiative to overcome all these difficulties from India.

According to the Make In India Campaign, India is hoping to get 100 smart city projects and affordable housing scheme in India. The main objective of this scheme is to ensure strong growth and valuable employment to the people of every household with the help of big investors.

Much of the same is made in India which will reduce the cost of equal and the export from outside will benefit the country’s economy. Employment will increase in the country, poverty will be reduced.

High quality will be available at the same low cost. The other country’s investor will come here and invest money, which will bring money from outside in the country and the name of the country will be famous in the world. The youth of the country will get an opportunity to express their thoughts to all. The country’s youth will prefer to work and stay in the place of work abroad.

Response to Make in India

Since the launch of this scheme in September 2014, then till November 2015, the Government of India has sent a proposal to the Government of India a large proportion of the companies who want to start working in India. In January 2015, the owner of the Spice Mobile Company entered into a deal with Uttar Pradesh and entered the company to build his mobile phone there.

In January 2015, Samsung Mobile Company CEO Hyun Chil Hong met the MSME minister Kalraj Mishra, who had talked about working together and talked about its plant in Noida. In February 2015, Hitachi also spoke about investing in India and said he can set up his own setup in Chennai.

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