Corporate Housing For An Entire Company

fiona October 20, 2018 No Comments

Corporate housing means something far different today than it did a decade or two back. In Ye Olden Times, it was simply housing that was more expensive than an apartment, but less expensive than a hotel – a place where a company could set up a consultant for a week or two during crucial moments in a project.

These days, business is often done off-site and frequently between continents. This can be awesome for getting exceptional talent at a bargain, but when a team needs to come together for the crunch, oftentimes tele presence does not cut it. There’s something to be said for being able to consult with someone sitting right next to you, as opposed to talking to a face on a computer screen that is actually sitting multiple time zones away.

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When Book A Corporate Housing Is Beneficial

In such a circumstance, traditional corporate housing may not be a company’s best investment. Your local short term rental may not be set up to house an entire company’s worth of employees at a rate that makes financial sense. Figuring out what office to talk to in order to negotiate a more equitable rate may take more time than flying everyone out for the meet. And if the corporate hotel is a couple miles from the local offices, that might be even more wasted effort.

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That’s where travel industries come in. We are specialists in negotiating blocks of hotel rooms close to your location for the lowest rates possible. We can get your team housed close to, comfortably and at a price that will not break your company’s budget. We even have a dedicated concierge team to make sure that your team’s personal housing needs are met. You’ve looked across the world for your corporate talent – don’t waste time trying to make your housing decisions in-house. Look to the experts.