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Apple Computer Inc. was founded in 1976 in California by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne.

The first product created is the Apple 1, it was sold 200 copies in the same year in 1976. They released their second computer soon after which was a great success. That’s when they make their first logo. It is inspired by Newton under an apple tree. He was drawn by Ronald Wayne, the former 3rd founder of the brand.

Following are some of the amazing products Apple has given us


Apple’s first connected and smart speaker set to music and was scheduled to release before the end of 2017 in the United States.

Sold for $350, HomePod embeds an A8 chip to best manage its seven speakers, its competition woofer and six microphones. Intelligent thanks to a Siri, more limited than usual but specialized in music, it should be also by its ability to judge the space around it to make the best sound possible.

Apple Music, and more services

Announced in June 2015, Apple Music could well experience a big revolution this year, especially if Apple decides to switch all the music consumption of its ecosystem to streaming – a decision that could be implemented by 2019.

But the other big revolution, beyond music, is Apple’s increasingly significant effort in creating original content. Forget the Carpool Karaoke and other Planet of the Apps, the Cupertino giant buys rights and now produces movies and series.

House chips, everywhere

Apple has always had a complex history with the chips that drive its products. The change from PowerPC to Intel processors is a good illustration. With the advent of the iPhone, Apple perceived the need to further control his destiny on this point. Thus came the Apple A chips, which equip the iPhone and iPad, as well as Watch S chips, W chips for audio systems, and T chips linked to the Touch Bar in the MacBook Pro or various controllers and functions.

Watch and the AirPods: Rising Stars

Since its announcement in September 2014, the Apple Watch has had its ups and downs. If it has failed to federate and sit a healthy market around connected watches, it has however managed to settle as a sustainable product, which sells honestly.

In the last fiscal quarter, the Watch Series 3 exploded and doubled its sales compared to the previous model. With a GPS, a 4G chip and more power, the connected watch Apple have beautiful finery. It is highly likely that Apple is giving us a new version in the fall.

New iPad

Apple’s tablet sales are up again for the third consecutive fiscal quarter. By 2018, Apple should update its tablets, at least Pro models. We could see the arrival of screens aboard, in the tradition of what introduced the iPhone X. And as for his latest smartphone, Apple could slip Face ID technology at the expense of the Touch ID present from the iPad Air 2. A doped version of the Apple A11 Bionic could obviously take place there.

New Macs: Laptops and Desktops

2017 ended with great fanfare with the iMac Pro. The year 2018 should continue to bring some freshness to Apple’s line of computers. There is obviously the Mac Pro, which will espouse a new form turned to modularity and must be damn powerful to leave the iMac Pro behind him.

Apple could also put an end to the very deserving career of the MacBook Air by replacing it with an entry-level 13-inch MacBook. It is a good way to end up with a 2018 ultraportable that brings together the strengths of Air and MacBook.

Information provided by Paul Williams who is iOS developer at Fruxinfo web design agency in New York.

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